Modal - An Otherworldly Experience

It’s possible that you already know our Modal fabric and how comfy it is. But it’s also possible that right now you’re asking yourself, “what the heck is Modal?” So, we’ll share with you a few curious details about this super-fabric.

Born in Trees

Seen as an environmentally-friendly textile option, modal fabric has some amazing properties that make it perfectly suited for anything worn in direct contact with the skin. Made from beech-wood pulp, through an Eco-conscious process, its natural properties allow breathability, so sweat and moisture can be quickly released instead of being trapped next to the skin.

Made to Last

Considered a luxury textile, it’s often blended with other fabrics, such as cotton, to give a high-end feel. Its lightweight, stretchy and soft nature makes it ideal for underwear and nightwear. Modal is 50% more resistant to shrinkage than cotton, helping your undies keep their shape even after many washing cycles – As long as you follow the product care instructions.

Very popular among Eco-conscious fashion designers, modal is:


The highly stretchy characteristics of this fabric make it ideal for sports-wear.

Super Soft

This is the reason why's so popular in underwear and sleepwear manufacturing.

Highly Breathable

Unlike synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, Modal does not trap perspiration.


Modal fabric is exceptionally absorbent, with an absorbency rate 50% higher than cotton.


Made from regenerative sources and with fewer chemicals used in its production.


Compostable characteristics, which means it can fully revert back to nature.

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