Modal – An Otherworldly Experience

Seen as an environmentally-friendly textile option, modal fabric has some amazing properties that makes it perfectly suited for anything worn in direct contact to the skin. Made from Beech-wood pulp using an Eco-conscious process, its natural properties allow breathability so sweat and moisture can be quickly released instead of being trapped next to the skin.

Considered a luxury textile, it’s often blended with other fabrics to give a high-end feel, and its lightweight, stretchy and soft nature makes it ideal for underwear and nightwear. Modal is 50% more resistant to shrinkage than cotton, helping your undies to keep their shape even after many cycles of washing – as long as you follow the included guidelines.

Very popular among Eco-conscious fashion designers, modal is:

1. Highly flexible, making it ideal for items like sports-wear;
2. Super soft, being often used for underwear and nightwear;
3. Very breathable – Ideal for sports clothing and (or) everyday clothes;
4. Around 50% more water-absorbent than cotton;
5. Eco-friendly due to the fact that it’s made from regenerative plants and with fewer chemicals used in its production;
6. Completely Biodegradable.

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