Comfortable Pajamas, Comfortable Sleep.

A little history…

Deriving from the Hindu word pajama, which in turn originates from the Persian word پايجامه which means “leg garment”, pajamas were brought to Europe by the British and the Portuguese. While in India they dressed it according to the local custom, as a daily outfit. Highly appreciated for its comfort and breathability, the interest in this outfit grew so much over time, that alongside with the regular trades which took place during that time in Europe, pajamas began to gain immense popularity. However, it didn’t immediately dominate the male night wardrobe as a nightwear outfit, and it wasn’t until the 20th century that finally entered fashion.

Women began to wear the ancestor of today’s pajamas only in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century. Just like with men, at first they didn’t treat it as a sleeping garment but as an elegant and extremely comfortable outfit … for the beach. It was only later that pajamas became an inseparable element of the night wardrobe.

The importance of quality

A famous saying goes along the lines “When you make your bed, you’ll sleep like that”. However, for a comfortable night’s sleep a good quality bedding is only part of the equation. Comfortable pajamas are equally important. Of course that “comfortable” is a subjective thing, but the importance of fabrics, composition and manufacturing process should never be underestimated. We spend several hours at night moving and sweating in our sleep while wearing our beloved pajamas. Therefore, the fabric should be soft and pleasant to the touch, and shouldn’t irritate or sensitize the skin. Always aim to choose pajamas made of natural fibers such as cotton, as it allows a more effective breathability and it’s gentler when rubbing against your skin.

Pajamas are always a matter of individual preference, but a very good solution that works well in summer high temperatures is a loose and comfortable t.shirt paired with boxer shorts. Not only allows you to make several combinations, but can be successfully taken for example on a holiday trip. In addition, a very important detail for the ladies is that the pajamas they wear make them feel feminine. In our store, even the loose pajama sets we have on offer are stylish and attractive :)

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